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We are like that hard to find but unforgettable restaurant that you find off the beaten path.  Nothing fancy or extravagant, but exactly what you went there for...excellence with spectacular hospitality. 

You won't find a flashy multi-million dollar facility or overdressed pushy sales people.  Our exterior is simple and practical.  All of our time, effort, and money is spent on the product, the great service, and exceptional hospitality.  All cars and car dealers weren't created equal.  Just ask our customers and employees and they'll tell you who the best is.

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As we all know, the time is here. We can finally start enjoying nice weather and be certain that we are going to be able to drive the next day to work with no problem. Gardening is again an option and other outdoors activities after work can now... (Read More...)

Don’t you wish your car had this button?   For all of you speed lovers, Jeep has come up with a way of satisfying your “wants” in a car. The new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 comes with a very flashy button labeled “Launch”. There is... (Read More...)

We all have heard crazy stories on the news but I bet you havent heard this one. According to Metro News (UK), Chinese government officials have ordered workers to smear butter on one of their bridges due to a high number of suicide attempts. Officials said they are... (Read More...)

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